Motor Fleet Insurance

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Coverage for multiple vehicles under one motor fleet insurance policy.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Coverage for multiple vehicles under one motor fleet insurance policy.

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Motor Fleet Insurance

It’s a smart solution for businesses with multiple vehicles.

What is motor fleet insurance?

Managing separate insurance policies for each business vehicle can be time-consuming, especially as the number of vehicles increases over time. This is where Fleet Insurance becomes a more effective solution. Fleet Insurance enables you to insure multiple vehicles under a single policy, starting from as few as 2 to 3 vehicles depending on the insurer.

As a Fleet Manager, it’s essential to ensure that your employees are authorised to drive and that each vehicle has the correct class of use covered in the insurance policy. The beauty of Fleet policies lies in their flexibility and comprehensive coverage. They are designed to make your job easier by reducing driver restrictions and providing the ability to add or remove vehicles from the policy on a regular basis. With a Motor Fleet policy, you can cover a wide assortment of vehicles with various uses under one policy. Whether you have cars, vans, trucks, or specialised vehicles, they can all be included, providing convenience and peace of mind – and of course helps to lower administrative costs. 

The flexibility offered by Motor Fleet Insurance significantly reduces the need for constant fleet oversight, which in turn lowers overall administrative costs. Instead of managing multiple policies, you can streamline your insurance processes, save time, and allocate resources more efficiently.

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What can a motor fleet policy cover?

The following vehicles can all be covered under a commercial motor fleet policy:
  • =Private cars
  • =Vans (panel vans, tippers, crew and combi)
  • =Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs)
  • =Specialist type vehicles
  • =Mechanical plant
Excess amounts vary depending on Fleet claims experience, types of vehicles and insurer.

Insurance premium rates are calculatd based on the fleet’s claims experience over the last three to five years. This document (Fleet Claims Experience) is usually required by all insurers prior to providing terms. Insurers will also review any current trends that can forecast how the fleet will perform in the future. A deep understanding of previous risk managment measures and intended future improvements can all help when negotiation costs.

What else can my fleet policy cover?

In addition to the standard elements of a fleet policy, if needed, we can also protect the following under the same fleet policy:
  • =Trailers
  • =Replacement locks following loss or theft of keys
  • =Vehicle recovery and redelivery
  • =New vehicle replacement
  • =Occasional business use
  • =Personal accident
  • =Medical expenses
  • =Personal effects
  • =Legal protection
  • =Breakdown
Please note that this list is not comprehensive and may vary depending on the insurance provider. We will work with you to tailor a policy that meets your unique requirements and preferences.
We use a range of insurers and tailor the cover to meet our clients needs. We review this each year to ensure that cover remains effective and costs remain competitive.

What’s not covered with a Motor Fleet Insurance Policy?

While specific exclusions can vary depending on the insurance provider and policy terms, here are some common exclusions found in motor fleet policies:
  • =Wear and Tear: Routine maintenance, repairs, or damages caused by wear and tear, mechanical breakdown, or gradual deterioration are typically not covered.
  • =Non-Disclosed or Uninsured Drivers: Coverage may be excluded if an accident occurs with a driver who is not authorized or listed on the policy or if the driver does not have a valid driver's license or proper insurance.
  • =Unauthorized Use: If a vehicle is used without permission or for unauthorized purposes, coverage may be excluded.
  • =Criminal Activities: Damages or losses resulting from illegal activities, such as transporting illegal substances or participating in criminal acts, may be excluded from coverage.
  • =Non-Roadworthy Vehicles: Vehicles that are not in a roadworthy condition or do not meet legal requirements, such as lacking valid inspections or registrations, may be excluded from coverage.
Discover our range of Risk Management Documents designed to support Fleet Managers in efficiently managing their fleets. Take a look at some examples below.

Rest assured, we exclusively partner with insurers known for their outstanding reputation in promptly and fully settling claims. In the unfortunate event of a claim, our dedicated in-house claims team will advocate for you, handling the process on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

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