Commercial Combined Insurance

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Comprehensive coverage for your business risks, simplified under one policy.

Commercial Combined Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for your business risks, simplified under one policy.

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Commercial Combined Insurance

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What is commercial combined insurance?

Commercial combined insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to provide comprehensive coverage for businesses. It combines various insurance coverages into a single policy, offering protection against a wide range of common risks.

Business activities are wide and varied. From Sole Traders to Limited Companies, small turnover side hustles to multi-million pound global entities. There is no “one size fits all” for many of these businesses. 

How do we help?

We listen to how your business operates, its past activities and where it plans to go in the future. Once we’ve established and advised you on the potential risks you face, we’ll then approach multiple insurers to find the optimum cover solution at a competitive price. This will be reviewed every year, at which point we’ll advise you of any new risks that emerge & ensure your existing insurance remains effective in both cost and cover.

You could purchase these covers separately, however the convenience of a single policy and single renewal can save time, reduce cost and provide flexible cover.

You don't need to wait until renewal.

We can complete a full review of your insurance now. That means we'll find any problems and fix them straight away.

What’s covered with our commercial combined insurance policies?

There are many potential elements to a commercial combined policy. However, it all depends on your business and how you operate as to which elements you need and, which you don’t. This is something that we can talk through with you. In the meantime, here’s a general list of the things we can include:


Insurance cover for physical structures & premises within a commercial combined policy. Protecting against damage and loss.


Insurance cover for the inventory or goods held by a business, protecting against damage, theft, or loss.

Employers Liability

Insurance cover for employer’s legal liability regarding employee injuries or illnesses, ensuring financial protection against related claims.

Goods in Transit

Insurance cover for goods being transported. Providing protection against damage, theft, or loss during transit or shipment.

Legal Expenses

Insurance cover for legal costs incurred in disputes or legal proceedings. Offering financial protection and assistance in legal matters.


Insurance cover for the belongings & assets inside a commercial property. Safeguarding against damage, theft, or loss.

Public & Product Liability

Insurance cover for business liability arising from products or public interactions; providing financial protection against legal claims.

Business Interruption

Insurance cover for loss of income & additional expenses due to business interruption caused by unforeseen events.


Insurance cover for cash, banknotes & other forms of currency, safeguarding against theft, loss, or damage.

We use a range of insurers and tailor the cover to meet our clients needs. We review this each year to ensure that cover remains effective and costs remain competitive.

What’s not covered with a Commercial Combined Policy?

While a commercial combined policy provides broad coverage for many aspects of a business, there are certain items and events that may not be covered or may have limitations. For example:
  • =Certain Perils or Events: Such as acts of war, terrorism, nuclear incidents, or intentional acts of the insured.
  • =Pre-existing Conditions: Coverage may not be provided for pre-existing damage or conditions that existed before the policy's effective date.
  • =Pollution and Environmental Liability: Commercial combined policies may have limited or no coverage for pollution-related incidents or environmental liability. Separate pollution liability insurance may be required for adequate coverage in these areas.
  • =Employee Injuries: Workplace injuries or workers' compensation claims are typically not covered under commercial combined policies. Separate workers' compensation insurance is necessary to address these types of claims.
  • =Employee Dishonesty: Losses resulting from employee theft or fraudulent activities may not be covered by a commercial combined policy. Businesses may need to consider separate crime or fidelity insurance to protect against such risks.
  • =Professional Liability: While commercial combined policies may include general liability coverage, they often exclude or have limited coverage for professional errors or omissions. Businesses requiring professional liability coverage should consider a separate policy.
  • =Motor Vehicles: Commercial combined policies typically exclude coverage for vehicles used for business purposes. Separate commercial vehicle insurance is necessary to cover liability, physical damage, and other risks related to company vehicles.
  • =Intentional Acts: Damages caused by intentional acts by the insured or its employees may not be covered under a commercial combined policy.
  • =Specific High-Risk Activities: Such as extreme sports, hazardous materials handling, or specific professional services, may be excluded or require additional endorsements or separate coverage.
  • =Other Specific Exclusions: Commercial combined policies may have additional exclusions or limitations, depending on the specific policy terms and conditions. It is crucial to carefully review the policy documentation to understand these exclusions.
Policy terms and exclusions can vary between insurers, so we will work with you to ensure you are fully protected and should you need cover for something that’s not included in your combined policy, we can source a solution for you!

Not what you're looking for? Don't worry, take a look at some other options or, give us a call.

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