Fleet Insurance, Commercial Insurance or even Business Vehicle Insurance - it's the same.

Fleet Insurance is a way of insuring numerous vehicles under a single policy. These tend to start at a minimum of three vehicles. They can be a mix of cars, vans and specialist vehicles.

Most insurers now will provide full cover for Europe and offer a flexible range of driving options.

If you have never had a fleet rated product before and are moving from a no claims bonus product, our staff will happily advise you.

Aspire Insurance have access to a wide range of Fleet Insurers to seek out the most competitve terms we can find for you with a quality insurer.

We only use insurers who have excellent reputations when it comes to ensuring claims are paid promptly and in full. We have our own in-house claims team who act on your behalf should the worst happen to manage your claim for you, so you can concentrate on running your business.

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