Over the last 12 months we have shared a large amount of documentation to help guide clients through various issues during COVID-19. Everything from poster templates, checklists and details of what to do if staff test positive.

We want to make these accessible to everyone, so we've gathered them all up and placed them on this page. We have a whole content library full of niche documents, all of which are designed to help our clients. If you need something else, please click the contact us button and we will do what we can to help.

COVID-19 Business Continuity

Identify activities to ensure business continuity in the midst of a pandemic..

COVID-19 Response Questionnaire

A questionnaire to review categories specific to COVID-19 and take actions to address those risks.

Home Office Ergonomic Checklist

Useful checklist to minimise issues related to ergonomics for remote employees.

Poster: One Way System

Poster raising awareness to your workplace one way system.

Poster: Please Wear a Face Covering

Aimed for shop owners to display and remind customers that face coverings must be worn.

Responding to a Positive Covid-19 Test

This checklist provides an outline of steps for employers to consider.

COVID-19 Cyber Risks and Liabilities

Keeping remote staff cyber-secure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ergonomic Infographic

Inforgraphic detailing how to address ergonomics whilst working from home.

Remote Employee Management

Employers can use this checklist when managing their remote employees.

Poster: Social Distancing

Poster to remind employees and visitors of social distancing.

PPE Checklist

Workplace PPE checklist.